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Ag News Daily | Sep 18, 2018

#TechTuesday w/ HerdInsights!

More tariffs in the news today; raise your hand if you're surprised... The US will put tariffs on another $200B of Chinese imports and China will retaliate with tariffs on $60B of US imports; both set to go in to effect September 24, with more to come a real possibility. Plus, Florence has moved away from North Carolina so now the agriculture industry is getting back to work and assessing damage to both crops and livestock. Nearly every acre in that state has been hit with excessive rain right before/during harvest, so it might be a bit before true damage is known.

And Delaney brings us a report from the National Ploughing Championship in Ireland! Today she has our #TechTuesday interview with Brian Mulcahy, GM of HerdInsights, a dairy cow heat detection and health monitoring product.