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Ag News Daily | Mar 07, 2018

Feeding Dairy Beef Profitably

Delaney spent yesterday evening hobnobbing with some of the bigwigs in Iowa agriculture as she attended the swearing in ceremony of Bill Northey to his new Undersecretary role at USDA; she brings us some updates from that event today. Also, President Trump's tariffs are still in the news and making waves in the ag industry, with some new updates today that might limit their impact on ag going forward... If the updates prove true.

And Delaney spoke with Fred Hall from Iowa State University Extension about the upcoming I-29 Moo University to be held on March 27 in Sioux Falls, SD with a focus on raising dairy beef profitably. A huge issue after last year when a lot of Holstein finishers were left holding the bag (and full lots) after the packing industry made a large shift very quickly. Check it out today!