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Ag News Daily | Mar 12, 2018

#MarketMonday w/ Brian Splitt

It's another Monday and we all survived the shift to Daylight Saving Time! At least, those of us outside of Arizona and parts of Indiana. So it's time to cover the news of agriculture once again. Tariffs are still in the news, this time, not the US tariffs on steel and aluminium but tariffs from the EU on agricultural and industrial products; Wilber Ross is working to get those tariffs lowered. And South Korea, 3rd largest steel exporter to the US, has said that it will respond to US tariffs "by all means available", so we'll keep an eye out to see just what that means. And the revised and rebranded TPP deal has now been signed by the 11 countries remaining in that trade pact.

And the grain markets were in the green today, not a lot, but a little, so we spoke with Allendale broker Brian Splitt about what he expects to see throughout the week and what producers ought to be doing after Friday's shift in sentiment.