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Ag News Daily | Feb 07, 2018

Final Reports from Phoenix

Boy, busy day! Delaney is down for the count with the crud, so Mike is reporting solo today while on the road to New Orleans. Still able to get up on his soapbox about the University of Iowa's new addition of Meatless Mondays to the school cafeteria on the first Monday of every month, to help fight climate change. Believe it or not, Mike has thoughts on this issue. 

And it ties in well with our two interviews for the day, both from the NCBA #BeefMeet in Phoenix last week. We'll talk with Iowa Cattlemen Association's CEO Matt Deppe about a new policy proposal to help address the growth of lab grown 'meat' and other types of fake meat, as well as a conversation with Merck about their new pour-on Banamine.  

Tune in today!